“Stroymontaz” realizes project, building, supply and fitting equipment, non-standard metal constructions production and outfits, and a full engineering projects “to key” in the field of the industrial construction, power development, infrastructural engineering, oil and chemical industry. Our production orientation is the reason company to be in years in the building and supporting oil refineries, oil bases, pumping stations, pipelines and other oil refining and chemical productions. The company has enough specialized engineering and qualified personnel for realization of all construction and installation works which are connected with building of pipelines with low and high pressure: pipe notcher grinders, automatic welding stations, butt-welding instruments, centering steel pipes systems and varied mechanization for laying pipelines. Stroymontaz takes an active part in the realization of energetic projects in Bulgaria. In the years the company has executed varied projects in the field of electrical networks, fittings and equipments – building and reconstruction of power cables 6 – 110kV, building and repairs of substations 20kV, automation and management of production processes in the petrochemical and food, wine and tobacco industries.