Industrial production

Промишлено строителство
“Stroymontaz” realizes project, building, supply and fitting equipment, non-standard metal constructions production and outfits, and a full engineering projects “to key” in the field of the industrial construction, power development, infrastructural engineering, oil and chemical industry.
Our production orientation is the reason company to be in years in the building and supporting oil refineries, oil bases, pumping stations, pipelines and other oil refining and chemical productions.

Civil Engineering

In the years the company realizes a number of projects in the field of civil engineering.
One-family and multifamily housings, administrative and public buildings, bank offices, warehouses.
Resort – building hotels, Spa hotel complexes in the most famous Bulgarian black-sea resorts.

Anti-corrosion Coatings

The anti-corrosion protection is an integral part of the company’s construction and installation works. The whole process from cleaning the metal surfaces to the painting works passes under our specialist’s control.

“Stroymontaz” is able to offer complete decisions for anti-corrosion protection systems.

Construction work & Transportation

The company has highly efficient specialized machinery to perform construction work and general building machinery – excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, dumpers, rollers, cranes and mobile cranes, compressors, welding units and diesel power stations.